What is an FAQ?

An FAQ is a description of a service expressed as series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers. If you have new questions we will add and answer them in future versions of this document which will be available from both the Club web site and our private Facebook group.

Why do we need a Web Page and a separate FaceBook  Group?

The Club Web Page is public facing, It is the club’s “Shop Window” on the web. It will allow someone to google the club and hopefully find out what we do, where we do it and how to contact or join the club. The FaceBook group on the other hand is private, visible only to authenticated Club Members. It is a place where members are able to ask questions, share experiences and photos, where both the content and the membership are restricted to club members.

Who decides what content is visible

The Web Page administrators will decide what is posted on the WebPage, generally such content will not be personally identifiable. If a members name, words or photo are considered for publication on the web permission will be obtained before publication. As the FaceBook group content and membership is private, members are free to post anything they wish on the clubs Facebook group subject only to standards of taste and decency.

Why did we choose FaceBook?

FaceBook (FB) is free at the point of consumption and provides a secure authentication which the club can use as it includes all one needs to build a moderated forum, somewhere club members can ask questions and get answers from other members, without that content being generally available on the Internet. There are also FB apps available for all the common mobile devices such as Tablet and smartphone allowing members to keep up with events while on their boats.

How private is our group forum?

While the forum has been successfully trialed for the past year it is still being developed. It is set as secret which is a FB level that means that the group, its content, and its membership are hidden from non- members. Our informal discussions showed that people, especially those who were suspicious of “social media” would be more prepared to accept this. Obviously national security and police will be able to access all content. There would also be nothing to stop a member cutting and pasting content into a more open environment. So normal rules apply, don’t put anything on the internet that you might regret.

Who can join the FB Group?

Any member will be able to propose a FB friend. That proposal will be vetted by the club administration against the NHMYC club members list, and if accepted the proposed will be able to read posts, comment  and post themselves.

What can I post on Facebook?

It is easy for members to post Pictures, Maps, Links and text etc. using cut and paste. Most apps also allow content to be shared directly with Facebook. It is just as easy to respond or comment on a post. It is important to consider taste, decency and courtesy when posting, so as not to offend other members. It is clear who has posted each item and the club administrators can remove an item and ban offenders. Please don’t spam.